What we do?

...we provide complete solutions.

Experienced, skilled and technical surveyors provide a wide range of services.
Arranging and conducting onboard investigations; hull and machinery damage surveys; damage evaluations; angle of blow and speed assessment, are some examples.

We handle all kinds of P&I cases.
Co-operation with lawyers and other specialists ensures the success of the cases.


Who we are?

...and what we care about.

Iberian Ships Surveyors was founded and initiated its activities in 2005.
Our main goal is the complete satisfaction of our clients based on the quality of our services.

People and the Planet.
Increasing safety at sea, aiming to protect vessels and assets always with human health and environment in mind.


Where we are?

...we go everywhere you need us.

Technical and nautical.
Our company is fully independent and renders marine and engineering consultancy to clients at any geographical location, mostly in Portugal and Spain.